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in the wild ! sinkane ! “jeeper creeper” from new album, “mars” ! via stereogum


a sweet track from ahmed’s upcoming album ! click play; improve your day :)


vocal backing: kathryn fink
bass: ira wolf tuton
everything else: ahmed gallab


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yeasayer ! in the wild ! occupy wall street by sinkane

Ahmed took some amazing pics @ Occupy Wall Street »


reblogging lotic…  : )

one by yeasayer, in honor of this song being in my head forever


Yeasayer - “Ambling Alp” at Haldern Festival 2010.08.14 [HD] via Polskimg

Stream the entire show @ WDR »

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Yeasayer - “Ambling Alp” at the Phoenix, Toronto 2011.06.07 [HD] by scormier0

Partial vid with stage dancer… [In HD]


Yeasayer - “Madder Red,” Jones Beach, NY 2011.07.29 [HD] by MarctheManSeligman

In HD.  Nice vid - bump it up to full screen if you’re able.  : )

Chris was pilfering cameras again…

"ambling alp" from abductee’s eye view  ! …and after  »

in the wild ! ahmed gallab ! sinkane ! africa in your earbuds 2011.07.28 via @okayafrica

If we start namedropping all the elite indie bands that Sinkane (aka Ahmed Gallab) has played with (…currently Yeasayer, previously Caribou, of Montreal, and Born Ruffians…), you’re going to accuse us of being hipster-than-thou. Which we probably are.

But more to the point: Sinkane is the musical mastermind behind our second installment of Africa In Your Earbuds – the mixtape series of African and African-inspired music curated by the best and brightest of our homies.

listen ! download ! africa in your earbuds @ okayafrica »

Yeasayer - “Sunrise” (part), Latitude Festival, Suffolk 2010.07.18 [HD] by Andy Flatman

yeasayer ! belly up aspen 2011.05.31 by clrj

Tiny venue = scaled-back use of spiffy new light screens in back

Yeasayer @ Belly Up Aspen, 5/31/2011

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Yeasayer - “2080,” Commodore Vancouver 2011.05.28 [HD] by clairebearland


In HD.

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